From Gender Based Violence to Freedom From Violence through Creative Media Work

Today, March 28th  2018, ADEP and Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa  (CASDA) received decision from Swedish Institute on approval for the project  ”From Gender Based Violence to Freedom From Violence through Creative Media  Work” – a 2-year project involving partners in eight countries; Sweden,  Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda and Zambia.

ADEP and CASDA  is the lead-partners managing and coordinating the project.Partners in the  african countries, besides CASDA, are:

The Jireh Women and Youth Self-help  Association (Uganda), The Binti Project (Tanzania),
Development Expertise  Center (Ethiopia),
Nagaad Network (Somalia),
Family Magazine (Rwanda) and  
Ku-atenga Media (Zambia).

During the project other organizations can and will  join.The project will  also collaborate with organizations in Sweden; Another Development Foundation  who is a key-partner, The City of Umeå, Region Västerbotten, County  Administrative Board of Västerbotten, County Council of Västerbotten, Västerbotten Justice Center, Talita, Unizon, Bilda and Swedish Church.

A key-expert in the  project is Dr. Kerstin Engström, Umeå University and Uppsala University.The project will  start in Nairobi, Kenya May 7th-11th 2018 with a gathering of all partners.  More information will come. 

The team from Västerbotten was hosted by the minister for health, professor Richard Otieno Muga who in the photo show the map of health care facilities in Homa Bay County.

Together with Dr. Anne Ouma, a research and development advisor from Kenya and Sweden, I am a consultant and senior advisor to the parties in this collaboration.