Ira Sundberg

Ira Sundberg studied conservation and environment before getting her master´s degree in psychology. She is a registered psychologist and psychotherapist. Ira has been an entrepreneur and networker for most of her working life with systems-thinking and interdisciplinary as core. She is angeneralist. For some years she worked with qualitative research and depth interviewing. She has worked more than 20 years as a sychotherapist and consultant. For a few years she worked as a project leader, building and developing a new service in Sweden in the area of human resources.

Now her focus is on the human aspects of sustainable development. She initiated “Psychologists for the Environment” in the early 1990´s, a network within the NGO “The Natural Step”. Ira focuses are on leadership, processes and communication as well as on raising the awareness and importance of the human aspect when it comes to changing the state of the world into a more desirable place for all. She has worked with the public-, private-and civil sector and has been a member of a number of boards.

Ira has been working in Kenya with sustainable development since the early 2000s. She initiated a partnership process with a municipality in Kenya and a Swedish municipality, which started in 2007 and has evolved and spread since then. She is co-founder of CASDA (Co-operation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa) which is a NGO in Kenya. Ira lives in Uppsala,close to her son, Marcus, daughter in law Lisa, their twins Idun and Atle, and their son Axe.

She also enjoys social life, animals, nature, reading, writing,music, photography and movies. Our children, grandchildren and generations tocome are what motivates her in the work for making the world a more sustainableand good place for all.