The City of Umeå and Kajiado County, Kenya – Re-launch of Partnership

The  partnership on sustainable waste and water management between The City of  Umeå and Kajiado County Government, Kenya started at the beginning of 2017  after an approval from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD),  i.e. the funder of Municipal Partnership Projects.

The partners developed the  project in the framework of an inception phase also funded by ICLD. Due to  election in Kenya 2017 the partners had to do a re-launch  of the  partnership since the election changed the political situation, as well  bringing new people to the technical wing of the organization. The re-launch  in Sweden February 12th to February 16th was very successful making everyone  aware of the guidelines for the Municipal Partnership Program.

The City of  Umeå and their public company Vakin working with sustainable waste and water  management in Umeå, Vindeln Municipality and with regional and international  support, facilitated a program for the benefit of Kajiado County Government.  My role has been the role of senior advisor as well as contributing with  knowledge and reflections on the 2030 Agenda, Swedish Policy for Global  Development, Swedish strategies for international development cooperation,  and ICLD. In the photo, the head of waste at Vakin – Robert Hansson –  communicate on integrated environmental systems at a special tour. Mr Martin  Moshiso, Deputy Governor of Kajiado County Government and his team is  listening carefully. 

Yvonne Anyango is also a professional partner to ADEP Ltd for more than 10 years, supporting partnerships between local authorities in Sweden and Counties in Kenya funded by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD), as well as partnerships between organizations in several African countries and Sweden funded by Swedish Institute. She is also member of the Board for We Effect East Africa Region.

Yvonne Anyango has a strong commitment for vulnerable people and groups, human rights and environmental sustainability and she is a mother of two, Keith and Rosebelle.